Give clients what they expect: reliable, effective broad-spectrum pathogen & odor control that won't slow down cleaning tasks in large-scale facilities like municipal facilities, grocery stores, schools, waiting rooms, convention centers & auditorium. Deliver professional pathogen control on virtually any surface where germs linger: doors, floors, windows, restrooms, tables & more. It's sanitizer/disinfectant bliss.

Hygiene Professional

Dilutable & ready to use DoxyKlor: Broad spectrum, multi-surface, rapid action. One step to sanitize, disinfect & deodorize. Air dry, no rinse. 

Mop or spray

to disinfect & deodorize

in seconds.

Stop the Spread

Molds, fungi, endospores, bacteria & viruses 

Sick building syndrome from air and surface contamination

Convention centers to colleges are high transmission risk
Long term care: Asymptomatic bacteriuria cases 2 - 4x more
Detention & incarceration: Infection cases 3x more