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DoxyKlor EPA Registered Disinfectant

Biofilm Penetrating

Hospital Use

Easy Air Dry 

Simple. Safe. Trusted Pathogen Control.

EPA Registration # 93113-2

EPA N-List 



NSF Reg. #165169

eliminates viruses, bacteria
 & microbials in seconds
kills germs on contact


published  Feb. 2022 in 
Biosafety and  Volume 4, Issue 1

Effect of chlorine dioxide on avian influenza Aqueous solution of ClO2 at 126 g/mL for 15 seconds was effective given that no surviving virus was detected with the hemagglutination test

DoxyKlor Broad Spectrum Disinfectant
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Unique Delivery System

DoxyKlor is the culmination of years of research.

Our proprietary gas capture technology makes it possible to finally offer a truly active chlorine dioxide product in a stable, safe, and practical method for heightened pathogen control in public & commercial facilities.



Superior Chemistry
DoxyKlor chemistry begins with quality control. Only true, reagent grade components are accepted. Our focus on quality & safety results in a high purity, highly effective, chlorine dioxide product with no toxic residuals.

High-Performance, Practical Pathogen Control

• Does not allow for the formation of free chlorine
• Contains no accelerators or catalyzing chemicals (fillers used by competitors to boost yield)

• Strict limitation to only pure, basic ingredients prevents dilution of efficacy & pollution of product.

• High quality materials ensure consistent performance & vastly superior shelf life.
• The only delivery method of safe, active chlorine dioxide gas in a ready for commercial use liquid - so unique, it's patented!
• No on-site generation, no mixing, no rinsing. Simplicity in a ready-to-use, 1-part liquid
• Not a sodium chlorite solution 



DoxyKlors destroys harmful bacteria & viruses to prevent
the spread of  foodborne illness & communicable disease

from contaminated wet or dry surfaces.

DoxyKlor captured active chlorine dioxide gas in a safe,  effective solution, conveniently packaged & ready to use.


Broad-spectrum, food-safe DoxyKlor penetrates biofilm, increases worker safety & simplifies commercial surface sanitizing procedures.

No mixing. No residue. No rinsing. 

  • CIP Systems

  • Beverage & Food Processing

  • Restaurant & Hospitality

  • Travel & Lodging

  • Odor Control & Restoration

  • Residential & Pet Services

  • Cannabis & Nutraceutical


The Powerhouse of Sanitizers, chlorine dioxide kills 200+ known pathogens. 8x more powerful than bleach or alcohol. Each low-dose application destroys harmful microbes better than caustic, high-concentration hydrogen peroxide or polyphosphoric acid.

  • Effective over wide pH range
  • 5x-8x more powerful than bleach
  • Destroys harmful biofilm
  • Does not allow pathogenic mutation

DoxyKlor can be transported & stored safely. Low-dose DoxyKlor trigger-spray liquid & wipes leave no residue & require no PPE for simple, swift pathogen control on targeted surfaces. Safer for workers guests & the environment.

  • No toxic by-products
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Safe for food prep areas

'Error-proof' and ready to use. Convenient liquid formulation enables easy application of this high performance antimicrobial to ensure fast,  effective & reliable elimination of harmful bacteria & viruses. Mild as water on most surfaces.

  • No on-site generation
  • Ready to use, single part
  • No rinse, no mix, no hassle.
  • Non-corrosive


High-Purity Laboratory Grade 

Bactericide | Fungicide | Slimicide | Sporicide | Virucide

  • No rinse, No residuals
  • Single Part, No onsite generator
  • Simplifies sanitation procedures
  • Effective at low concentrations
  • Targeted delivery system
  • No pathogen mutation
  • Rapid kill rate
  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial
  • No alcohol, methanol or phenols
  • Non-flammable, Non-corrosive
  • No VOCs
  • Safe for food prep surfaces


Better quality ensures higher efficacy & consistency. That's why DoxyKlor is comprised of reagent-grade, pure components specially formulated to harness the power of active chlorine dioxide as a cutting-edge sanitizer, disinfectant & deodorizing agent. But quality is only the introduction to the DoxyKlor story.

An exciting breakthrough technology made it possible to offer a true chlorine dioxide product that is safe, easy, effective & shelf-ready for convenient commercial use. Our patented, proprietary colloidal suspension captures active chlorine dioxide gas in a liquid solution to enable, safe, controlled & effective delivery of ready-to-use chlorine dioxide to target surfaces.


DoxyKlor captures active chlorine dioxide gas in a safe, controlled suspension to harness the power in a low-dose, effective formula conveniently packaged for commercial use. No cumbersome on-site generation, no mixing, measuring or rinsing.

DoxyKlor delivers wide-spectrum pathogen control in a simple, safe, rapid-kill package.

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