DoxyKlor - third-party test results

Clostridium sporogenes

Enterococcus faesium

Escherichi coli

Listeria monocytogenes

15 second dwell time

15 second dwell time

15 second dwell time

15 second dwell time

Efficacy: Chlorine Dioxide

 in aqueous solution

Examples - summary data from various

studies published in peer-reviewed journals           

Antimicrobial Resistance Chart

Highest Resistance to Lowest Resistance (Top to Bottom)


21 CFR 178 Subpart B - Substances Utilized To Control the Growth of Microorganisms
§ 178.1010 - Sanitizing solutions.(29) Solutions identified in paragraph (b)(34) of this section should provide, when ready to use, at least 100 parts per million and not more than 200 parts per million available chlorine dioxide as determined by the method titled “Iodometric Method for the Determination of Available Chlorine Dioxide (50-250 ppm available ClO2).

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