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Kills pathogens
Wide spectrum sanitizer

Vulnerable populations comprise a large demographic group among naturopathic & nutraceutical consumer. Non-hazardous pathogen control is critical. Effective across a wide pH range, DoxyKlor is the ideal sanitizer for an elevated sanitizing regime because it won't contribute to pathogen mutation. That means you won't have to increase dosage to achieve & ensure consistent log reductions of pathogens. 

Gentle & Effective

Better than bleach, peroxide or peracetic acid. DoxyKlor delivers broad-spectrum disinfecting power without the hassle of acidic, corrosive or toxic residue. DoxyKlor sanitizer/disinfectant is tough on pathogens other sanitizers can't touch (fungi, cysts, endospores & biofilm) yet mild to workers & contact surfaces.


Required Dosage (PPM) 
to achieve 99.9% kill
in 3 minutes

Mop or spray

to disinfect & deodorize

in seconds.

Stop the Spread

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