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Woman Rock Climbing

What do day spas, gyms & fitness centers have in common? A concern for the health & wellness of their clients. Thousands of surfaces, touched by multiple people every business day. Common harmful pathogens that spread fungus, bacterial infections, viruses and colds linger for days, even when dried on surfaces, ready to impact loyal customers. Strong sanitizer/disinfectant power.

Healthy is happy!

DoxyKlor your mats, weights, equipment, rental gear, showers, floors, walls, windows, key cards, door knobs, countertops, hard seating & more. 

Lost memberships & Lost reputation.


MRSA & CRKP and other nasty germs & viruses quickly spread in communal settings like health & fitness centers. Pathogen spread can occur in a common bathroom or locker room area, on a barbell, pull up bar, climbing wall, or rental equipment.  

In one example cited by CDC, several members & employees at a fitness center reported a high frequency of mrsainfections over two weeks. All cases were linked to the same fitness center. The outbreak resulted in several days of complete closure to sanitize & disinfection the facility.  

Stop the spread. 

Stop the spread. 

Buffered for mildness.

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